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AZ Impact for Good General Fund

The AZ Impact for Good General Fund supports the important work of nonprofits and grantmakers on behalf of the sectors in Arizona. Your donation helps further our mission of uniting, strengthening and advancing the Arizona nonprofit sector.

Nonprofit Advocacy Fund

With 1,000 members now across the state, we are working hard to ensure that we are uniting, strengthening, and advancing the nonprofit sector. Representing over 20,000 nonprofits statewide, we have the strength to be heard and the power to make change in our state and nationally. Help support our statewide and national advocacy efforts with a donation to our Advocacy fund.

Nonprofit Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility Fund

The Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits + Arizona Grantmakers is intentional and authentic in leading through example, providing relevant and actionable trainings, and developing resources to help organizations embrace all people. Donations to this fund will help develop programming in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility for Arizona's nonprofits and grantmaking organizations. 

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