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Arizona Gives Workshop: 5 Signs Your Brand Has Put Your Audience to Sleep

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1 hr
Original Program Date:
Mar 02, 2022
Hosted by:
AZ Impact for Good


Course Description: 

In this dynamic session, Emily Soccorsy, CEO + cofounder of Root + River, an intrinsic brand strategy team, will reveal the top five ways your brand has put your audience into a deep, deep sleep. Then, she’ll share three strategies for sounding the alarm, waking them up and inspiring them to be bright-eyed fans of your brand. If implemented, these strategies will give you an opportunity to breathe post-pandemic life into your brand, deepen the meaning of your work and align you with clients who inspire and propel you forward. 


In this session, you will learn:

  •  Develop a new understanding of what a brand is.
  • Identify ways your brand is using ineffective strategies to differentiate itself and develop an audience.
  • Learn several strategies for improving your brand's content. 


This event will have automated captions via Zoom’s transcription function. Please note that these captions are generated by Zoom's computer software and may not always accurately transcribe what is said.

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Emily Soccorsy| Co-founder & CEO |Root + River

Emily Soccorsy [So-KOR-SEE] believes all great brands are spiritual experiences. As co-founder and CEO of Root + River, a brand strategy team, Emily uses her talents to help leaders uncover the foundations of their brand: message, mission, strategy and integrate them into their leadership, culture and marketing. Working with national and international clients, Emily loves to challenge dogmatic thinking, infuse art into strategy and encourage leaders to go inward. A former journalist and publisher, she is the co-author of the book, Rooting Up: Essays on Modern Branding, and holds a master's degree in nonfiction writing.