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From "Anti" to "Ally"

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ALL Program & Event Categories |  Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility
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1 hr 30 min
Original Program Date:
Jan 19, 2022
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AZ Impact for Good


Course Description

For the past 15 years, Joe Gerstandt has been helping organizations of all shapes and sizes find new clarity relative to diversity and inclusion, and put new practices in place. But he did not take a very direct route into this work, in fact there was a time in his life when he likely would have rolled his eyes at what he now does for a living. The discomforting experience of becoming aware of and addressing his own privilege, denial, bias, and bigotry still informs his work today. This is a story of how one person’s heart, mind, and behavior changed and what we might learn from it. From his story of growing up on a family farm in rural Iowa, serving in the United States Marine Corps, and just being in the world with other human beings, Joe distills insights applicable toward leadership, behavior change, culture change, enlisting more allies in this work, and more effectively creating inclusive spaces and places.

Learning Takeaways:

  • Be inspired to confront their own blind spots and their own level of commitment to this work
  • Understand the connection between personal and organizational transformation
  • Have examples of what inclusion and allyship looks like in practice
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Featured Presenter: 

Joe Gerstandt, Inclusion Specialist


Joe Gerstandt is a speaker, author, and advisor bringing greater clarity, action, and impact to organizational diversity and inclusion efforts. Joe has worked with Fortune 100 corporations, small non-profits, and everything in between. He speaks at numerous conferences and summits, and blogs at He is a featured contributor for the Workforce Diversity Network Expert Forum and his insights have been published in Diversity Best Practices, Diversity Executive, HR Executive, The Diversity Factor, The American Diversity Report, the Corporate Recruiting Leadership Journal, Associations Now, other print and on-line journals, and he co-authored the book Social Gravity: Harnessing the Natural Laws of Relationships.

Today, Joe believes that we can ill afford to continue applying a 20th century approach to an increasingly critical set of 21st century issues. A strong advocate for resetting the diversity and inclusion conversation, Joe sees diversity and inclusion as poorly understood and often misunderstood. His keynote messages and interactive workshops bring greater clarity, action, and impact to existing and new organizational diversity & inclusion efforts.