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Alisa Chatinsky


NPO Success, LLC

Working with nonprofit organizations since the early 90’s, Alisa Chatinsky brings a wealth of knowledge, honed skills, and passion to her work to help nonprofits grow. For the past decade she has consulted with dozens of social benefit organizations throughout Arizona and Washington.


Alisa combines her business acumen and her love for nonprofits, working to make her community a better place. She is a change agent, helping nonprofits identify their lifecycle stage, assets, areas of improvement, organizational goals, and the strategies to accomplish their objectives. After completing major interim assignments, she is currently an advisor providing organizational assessments, succession planning, fund development plans, and strategic planning. Over the years, Alisa has worked with highly functioning boards and those that often need training, support and guidance. Making sure the “right people are on the bus,” active and engaged board members is a goal she strives to reach with each one of the organizations she serves.


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ONE Virtual Event - Building Better Boards

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Natasha Lopez-Rodriguez |  Jennifer Purcell |  Alisa Chatinsky
1 hr
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May 11, 2023
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AZ Impact for Good | Arizona Grantmakers Forum
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Open to ONE Members only! Getting the right folks “on the bus” is essential to create highly functioning boards. Making sure board members are properly vetted, onboarded, and mentored is essential to ...

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