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Amanda Kaye, MNLM, CLCC

Lifecycles Consultant

Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute

The Nonprofit Lifecycles Institute engages local experts who know and serve their communities as part of our team. The NLI teams meet on a regular basis to ensure strategic alignment and oversight of all projects. 

Amanda Kaye, MNLM, CLCC collaborates with clients to strengthen their organizations and build healthy, resilient communities. As a Certified Lifecycle Capacity Consultant, she approaches her work with a holistic Nonprofit Lifecycles Framework to develop the capacity of nonprofits. Her expertise includes facilitating meetings, retreats, focus groups, and workshops; crafting action-oriented business and strategic plans; coaching board members and leadership to exceed goals; and building compelling narratives. After graduating from the University of Arizona, Amanda Kaye received a Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management degree from Arizona State University.