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Rick Mitchell

Executive Director

Homeless ID Project

Rick Mitchell is the CEO and Executive Director of the Homeless ID Project, a 35-year old nonprofit working across Arizona to END homelessness. He is the Co-Founder of The National Conversation About IDs, a 500-member, 50-State alliance working to remove barriers resulting from lack of identification documents across America.

Rick spent a career in the for-profit world before entering nonprofit work. His involvement with the Homeless ID Project began as an interested observer in 2012 when his wife, Sydney, began volunteering with the agency. In 2014 Rick joined the Homeless ID Project Board of Directors and moved into his current role in 2017.

Rick’s involvement in Advocacy for Policy Change began in 2018 when then-Board Member Jaclyn Boyes brought a bill and a sponsor to the table. Five years and six bills later, the Homeless ID Project has two legislative victories, three defeats, and one victory gained from ‘being at the table’ despite the fact that the bill was stalled in committee.

Rick earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Illinois State University and an MBA from Benedictine University.